Words of Power

Version française: La Parole des Aïeules
deutsche Version: Das Machtwort der Großmütter


We are the Council of Grandmothers and we raise our voices.

In the old European tradition, grandmothers are powerful because of their life experience and their closeness to death. We live in this tradition. We are representatives of powerful circles connecting. The Council of Grandmothers picks up the thread on the way to a civilisation, in which the political and spiritual dimensions are one.

We live in a time of global delusion. The words of power and the holy fury of the grandmothers are aimed against all forms of patriarchal domination, delusional sense of feasibility, violence, greed, exploitation, and destruction. We raise our voices against these hostile actions and views of the world.

Love for all living beings is a matter close to our hearts. We call upon every woman and every man to verify that every concept, every project and every decision is life-serving to all creatures and natural resources – earth, air, fire, and water. Take responsibility and assure only life-serving projects are carried out.

Every economical, social, political and cultural decision must follow this sacred order.

The Words of Power

1 We are connected
As humans we are only one of many life-forms on Earth. You are connected with everything and you are part of everything. Everything you do has an impact on the whole. Learn and respect the laws of nature! They are in effect everywhere and at all times!

2 We keep the wisdom
You carry the knowledge and the wisdom of your ancestors and the world within you.
Remember! Honour and respect your roots!
Emerge to the benefit of all!

3 We weigh the truth
People long for justice. Compassionate love will guide you on a truthful path and into a deep understanding. Sorrow heals in this way.
Look at diversity and variety as enrichment. At heart we are all equal. Act out of compassion!

4 We look far
There is a visible and an invisible world. Both belong to each other.
Live with the reality of both worlds, so that your actions will be farsighted!

5 We listen
The world has become loud and breathless. We know: everything alive wants to communicate and wants to be heard.
Take your time, be calm, and listen with your heart!

6 We tell our story
We are affected by patriarchal, distorted, and false historiography and coverage. Herstory is rare to find. We bring it back into the light. You and your life story are important and are part of our culture.
Rediscover the joy of storytelling to uncover the playfulness and abundance of life!

7 We love
Every body is holy. To stand up for the dignity and integrity of women is the highest commandment. The primary principle of motherhood implies unconditional love and care, compassion, self-love, and sensuality for all living things.
We call upon all men and women to live and act in terms of these maternal principles in all social relations!

8 We heal
We all have the right to live happily with healthy resources. Everything is embedded in the natural cycles. We demand selfdetermined handling of disease, health, and death. Herbal healing is part of the indigenous knowledge of all cultures.
Campaign on all levels for all beings to live in comfort, without hunger, mass production, genetic engineering, exploitation, or extermination. Let every day be a day of healing!

9 We take care of the future
We are part of a long line of ancestors with generations before and after us. We bear responsibility for future generations to be able to live well on this planet.
You too carry responsibility for a modest, righteous and mindful stewardship of the gifts of Mother Earth!

10 We weave the web

Connected through visible and invisible threads, we live and act, networking in many ways. We weave the net of solidarity from person to person. Nobody slips through the gaps. Weave the web of life with all your creativity!

11 We walk upright
Greed and egoism sell lies about the consequences of the exploitation of the earth and all her creatures. This leads to the propagation of ideas hostile to life.
Walk upright and courageously follow the way of your heart’s truth.
Stand up, arise, act independently. Cut off everything hostile!

12 We celebrate life
Life is a gift. When give and take are in balance, it becomes a celebration. When we recognize the value of giving anew, society will change.
Open yourself up for praise every day - , and abundance will pour upon you. Infect others with your joy!!

13 We live our vision
Existing structures collapse. Change is necessary, it averts hardship. Transformation is the principle of life.
Give yourself over courageously and consciously to the process of transformation.
Recognize your vision and make it come true.